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What are the features and functions of Confluence?


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Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool used to help teams to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently.  With confluence, we can capture project requirements, assign tasks to specific users, and manage several calendars at once with the help of Team Calendars add-on. Below are few resources that will be helpful to get a better idea of how Confluence can fit into your company:

Confluence features:

  • Confluence is a powerful collaborative editor as it gives you the power to create meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, at the same time as other users are editing and see all the changes at once.
  • Accelerated feedback loop with inline comments on pages and files attached.
  • Ready-made solutions for your daily documentation needs with Templates.
  • Edit attached files with the apps on your desktop (Cloud only): It lets you open files stored in Confluence with your desktop apps and edit them, then automatically re-uploads the updated version to Confluence. Now you can get feedback on that preso, edit it in Powerpoint, and have it back on Confluence in no time.
  • Can provide feedback directly on your files (images, PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations) and it keeps tracks of versions automatically, so you're always working on the right one.
  • Collaborate from anywhere: You can sync your confluence with your iOS or Android device and work from anywhere. You can track team activity, give feedback, and stay in sync between mobile and desktop.
  • Organized workspaces: In Confluence, you can create a space for every team, department, or major project to share information and keep work organized.
  • Page and file versioning: You can track every version and change that you make to a page. Files are automatically versioned.
  • Blogs and discussions: You can share news and announcements across your company, and have active discussions with comments, @mentions, and likes.
  • Best practice templates: Confluence includes best-practice templates to help you get started with popular pages, to avoid fuss with formatting.
  • A variety of methods to share your confluence content: You can ‘subscribe’ to content changes via email notifications or RSS, email a page directly to users, and blogs for individuals and teams.
  • Granular permission controls: restricts content access at three levels – Global, Space, and per individual Page.
  • Also includes a rich text editor with attachment drag and drop, deep Microsoft Office integration, keyboard shortcuts, and rich content embedding.
  • Flexibility: Hundreds of extensions and integrations with third-party applications via Atlassian marketplace. If a feature isn’t native to Confluence, it may likely already available via a plugin, or can be developed via our API
  • Support to work with many file types so that you can work with any of your files in Google Drive in Confluence as well. Atlassian offers a number of add-ons to integrate two products. A list of add-ons is listed here.
  • Quick search tips and a couple of ways to search documentation and to find what you are looking for in Confluence.
  • Confluence integrates with Jira Software and Jira Service Desk to help your team ship projects faster and deflect helpdesk tickets. 
  • Enterprise-level support:  Each Server commercial license includes 12 months of support from Atlassian technical support team.  Cloud and Data Center subscription includes support at all times while your subscription is active.
  • Each Server commercial license includes full source code access.

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Last modified on Jul 14, 2020

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