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What does 10 jobs limitation mean in Bamboo Starter edition?




With a Bamboo Starter License, you are restricted to 10 build Jobs and 0 remote agents but you can run unlimited local agents. A Job is a single build unit within a Plan. You can organize one or more Jobs into one or more Stages. Given a 10 Job limit, you may share your Jobs between up to 10 Plans - for example, one Job per Plan or all 10 Jobs within one Plan. There is no limit on the number of times a Plan is built/executed.

Note that the use of Plan Branches doesn't have a multiplicative effect on the number of jobs configured, and therefore can’t effect on the 10 jobs cap. For example, a plan with two jobs that is building against three branches (the plan's original branch, plus two extra branches) will contribute two jobs toward the limit. 

When using Enhanced Plan Branch Configuration, branch jobs are counted towards the license limit.

Additional Information

For Bamboo Licensing and pricing information.

To find how many jobs are present in a Bamboo instance, follow this page: Checking number of Bamboo jobs for license restrictions

Last modified on Aug 25, 2020

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