HipChat: File sharing and storage


Where are HipChat shared files store?


Data Center/Cloud


HipChat Data Center

HipChat Data Center files are stored on your own NFS server.

Cloud and Data Center file sharing

You can only share files to other HipChat users on the same HipChat installation/subscription via the chat interface. Anyone with access to the uploaded file's URL has permission to view or download the file. Meaning, people outside your HipChat group can gain access to files uploaded to HipChat if they have the file’s URL. File URLs are constructed from a random set of characters with nearly trillions of trillions possible combinations and are unique for every file. We are working on a feature, secure files, which will allow HipChat admins to disable sharing a URL with third parties. This feature is in current development and we will release it as soon as it is available. 

A direct preview of all files is not possible in HipChat (e.g. mp4, zip).  Some file formats need to be downloaded first to view the file. It is not possible to prevent users from downloading files.  It is not possible for HipChat client to prevent a user from screen-capturing any static image or video file if the file is previewed.

Disabling file sharing

For HipChat Data Center and HipChat Pus Cloud, it's possible to disable file sharing if it's preferred.
As a group admin, go to Group admin > Preferences > File sharing and choose Disabled then hit Save.

Disabling file sharing is not possible for trials and HipChat Basic. 





Last modified on Sep 29, 2017

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