HipChat: Integrating with your current systems, applications, and platforms


Can I integrate HipChat with my current systems, applications, and platforms?


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HipChat was developed primarily as a standalone application with its own web, desktop, and mobile clients for a defined group of people and for teams of all kinds. One of HipChat strengths is its integrability with other systems and applications.

The primary way you can add integrations is through the pre-built integrations.

The other way to integrate HipChat with other systems is to build your own integrations. This could be integrations that allow you to share data between HipChat and other application (such as push feed notifications from another system to a HipChat room) or it could be integration or embedding into another system.  This approach, building your own custom integrations, is not directly supported by Atlassian but we are happy to provide you with developer resources and implementation partners information:

Have a look at Embedding HipChat on your website and HipChat API documentation. You may also want to use our developer site for additional information as well as our Atlassian answers community Q&A site.

In terms of licensing, same licensing applies for integrated systems and platforms as with HipChat. For HipChat Basic (Cloud) all users are free and there's no limit to time and to the number of users you can add. Using HipChat Plus (Cloud) adds the screen share, voice and video calling, history retention, and unlimited storage features over the Basic plan and cost $2/month/user.  Detailed tier pricing information is found here.

Lastly, for any help in building your custom integration, we would recommend checking out our Partner directory. These partners can help you with consulting and hands-on help building your integrated solution.

Additional Information

Have a look at JIRA and HipChat integration features:







Last modified on Aug 18, 2017

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