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Can marketing teams use Jira Core? Can non-technical teams use Jira Core? 




Marketing teams can use Jira Core, as well as all non-technical teams. The Jira platform is, at its core, our workflow engine that allows you to track issues or tasks through a predefined workflow. These tasks can be organized by project, allowing for the entirety of your organization to track their issues at a project level with complete transparency. Jira Core takes this workflow engine and caters it for business teams to develop organized, easy to use, task-oriented projects. Whether the tasks needed are a simple to-do list or a robust 7 step workflow with heavy automation, Jira Core is built to allow all of your requirements. You can check out some introductory documentation here and our getting started guide here.

Jira Core is also useful in marketing project management. It can reduce the manual labor of organizing and stay momentum in the team. You can also use Jira Core for Project management, Task management, Process management, HR, Marketing, Legal and Finance projects. Using project templates in Jira Core you can customize your business projects to suit your needs.

You can benefit from standardizing your organization across one platform. Jira platform's power can benefit all teams, including your marketing team, especially when you're thinking of scaling your organization into a more sophisticated, capable task management tool. Check out this article that dives into how what Jira Core might look like in standard marketing organization. To start with, you can set up an evaluation and feel free to message us with any questions about Jira Core.

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Last modified on Apr 12, 2018

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