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Does Jira Service Desk have time tracking features?




Time tracking in Jira Service Desk is configurable across all of our Jira products. You can learn more about how to enable time tracking for your issues here.

Please note that only users licensed as Jira Service Desk agents would be able to track time against Jira Service Desk issues. Users licensed for another Jira product (that may have been added to Jira Service Desk issues as collaborators) are only able to track time against issues within Jira products they are licensed for. We have an open feature request to allow Jira Service Desk collaborators to be able to log work on Jira Service Desk issues in our public issue tracker.

After enabling time tracking, the time spent in various statuses is recorded by the system, and you can query against that using Jira Query Language: Advanced Searching - for example, build an SLA that alerts specific users when an issue has been sitting idle for 8 hours. 

If you are looking for time tracking reports, the feature is not available since Service Desk are designed for looking at the accuracy of ticket estimates. There is an existing feature request:

Cloud:  JSDCLOUD-2942 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Server: JSDSERVER-2942 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

However, if you need advanced time tracking features we recommend to check our Atlassian Marketplace to find apps that will add more robust time tracking possibilities to Jira Service Desk.

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Last modified on Sep 19, 2019

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