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Each service project in Jira Service Management comes with its own customer portal with configurable request types. 


To customize your Jira Service Management portal, see configuring the customer portal from our Jira Service Management Cloud documentation and best practices for designing the customer portal. You'll be able to:

  • Personalize your portal’s color, scheme, and logo by applying your company's theme and branding
  • Add the ability for customers to transition requests within the customer portal
  • Add portal announcements of a service project and help center announcements for your Jira Service Management instance

Customizing requests:

For instructions on customizing requests, see configuring request types and workflows.

  • You can add custom fields to your Jira Service Management issue types (issues represent pieces of work for your agents) and decide which of those fields are displayed to the customer in the form of a request type on your customer portal. 
  • You can choose to phrase requests and their fields in a user-friendly way that is easy to understand for your customers or end-users. For example, the 'Summary' field can be displayed as ‘Describe your issue’. 
  • With a pre-set value, you can mark fields as required or hidden according to your requirements. See customizing the fields on a request type for details.


While Jira Service Management does not have a WYS/WYG editor built into the product, you can access the source code if you deploy Jira Service Management Server on your own server (as opposed to Atlassian Cloud). With Jira Service Management Server, you can edit and manipulate the source code to control the elements of the product in-depth.

You can also find apps in the Atlassian Marketplace for further customization of your Jira Service Management portal. Examples include:

Custom development:

For exploring your own custom development, you can visit our Atlassian Developer Documentation, search best practices or approaches from other Atlassian users in our Atlassian Community, or work with one of our Atlassian Solution Partners to develop a custom solution.

Interested in a custom URL for your Jira Service Management portal? See Jira Service Management: Customize your portal URL

Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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