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What licenses do I need for Confluence as a knowledge base for Jira Service Management integration?


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When you pair Jira Service Management with Confluence, you can create knowledge bases/self-service resources for your customers to mitigate incoming tickets.

They are two separate products that work independently from each other but integrate with each other beautifully. You need to buy a license for both to use them in tandem.

You only need to license your content authors in Confluence. Customers can browse knowledge base content for free. Refer to the below links to learn more about how to access Confluence non-public content by Jira Service Management users and how your Jira Service Management agents can create a knowledge base:

After you set up Confluence as a knowledge base for Service Management, your customers can browse that content for free. You only need to pay for people who are adding/editing content. And there is an option to have your knowledge base/Wiki/FAQ limited to customers, or open to the public.

With a single Confluence license, you can create as many different knowledge bases as you like. You can attach a single Confluence space with one, or many, service projects. The pages in the space will serve as your searchable articles.

You can also use labels to restrict which articles are returned in the search results. For example, if you have a wifi access request type, you can label the relevant articles with the label 'wifi' and the knowledge base will only suggest articles that have the 'wifi' label.

Check our Jira Service Management Pricing Page and our Confluence Pricing Page for full pricing details.

By default, your knowledge base spaces are limited to customers and other licensed users. They are not available to the general public, but they can be if you prefer. About linking a project to space or the order reversed, you can link one project to one Confluence space. But going the reverse way, you can link several projects to a single Confluence space.

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Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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