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How can I calculate scheduling algorithm in JIRA Software?




Scheduling behavior is conditional upon a variety of criteria.

  •  Backlog items' priority
  •  Sequence - Start and end releases' dates
  •  Estimates and required skill level capacities
  •  Teams and people's availability
  •  People's skills - what type of work can each member do.
  •  Varying availability and absences. For example, vacations, people available only from certain.
  •  Dependencies between backlog items
  •  Work's stages - activities that can happen either in parallel or sequential activities.
  •  Team's schedules - iterations and sprint lengths, or continuous, day-to-day schedule.
  •  Configurable constraints for example, how many people can work in parallel on a story.

For a little more, check out our knowledge article on full scheduling behaviors.

Last modified on Dec 13, 2016

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