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What are the popular add-ons for JIRA Software?


Server / Cloud


Atlassian offers few plugins in our Marketplace that were developed by 3rd parties. You can find a list of most popular add-ons for JIRA here. A few of them are explained below.

Hierarchy/Organizational Plugins: 

·        Structure  – It is a tool that lets you organize issues into hierarchies of any depth, so you can plan your projects in as much detail as you need. Usually, in JIRA, the hierarchy would be Project, Epic, Story, and Subtask. The nomenclature is fixed. But using Structure add-on, it is possible to organize hierarchy according to your need.

·        Links Hierarchy for JIRA and Agile - Links Hierarchy resolves the historical lack of visibility for linked issues and subtasks on any JIRA edition as well as Epic hierarchies on JIRA Software. It allows users to deal with complex hierarchies at a glance, get full context and save them from making several clicks to navigate across JIRA pages to track linked issues and get the big picture. Click here to know about how to organize JIRA issues with subcomponents.

CRM tools for JIRA: 

  •            CRM for JIRA - This plugin allows users to register contacts and companies within JIRA and pick them up in JIRA issues. It also allows managing list of products, services, and money.
  •             Salesforce & JIRA Server connector - The Salesforce & JIRA Sever connector links and synchronizes Salesforce objects and JIRA issues for an integrated experience from either interface.
  •             Salesforce & JIRA Cloud connector - The Salesforce & JIRA Cloud connector links and synchronizes Salesforce objects and JIRA issues for an integrated experience from either interface.
  •        Kanoah CRM - This plugin tracks deals, manages customer relationships and organizes your sales team inside JIRA. It is designed to make tracking your deals as lightweight and easy as possible. It seamlessly integrates with the entire Atlassian ecosystem.


Test case management tools/Risk management tools: 

  •         Zephyr - Though JIRA was not designed to serve as a Test Case Management, it can be configured to support test case management by using Zephyr add-on. Together, Zephyr for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Cloud enable developers, testers, and the entire project team to be prepared at every stage of the software lifecycle and plan, build, test and launch great software.
  •       Risk RegisterThis add-on lets you designate selected JIRA projects as risk registers. It carefully configures those projects to support the creation and management of risk issues, which are assigned a custom 'Risk' type.

Portfolio/Resource management tools: 

  •         Portfolio for JIRA : This plugin allows to plan, forecast and makes data-informed decisions if any changes occur.

  •         Tempo Folio for JIRA: This plugin is useful to control costs, revenues, and resources.

  •        Gant Chart for JIRA: It is useful to organize your issues as work-breakdown-structures (WBS) within multi-level issue hierarchies. It can be used for multi projects and structures.

  •        Gannt Cloud: This plugin allows to create gantt charts for projects hosted on JIRA Cloud.

  •        Tempo Timesheets : It is useful to track time, flexible reporting and account management for JIRA.
  • Work Time Calendar: You can configure Google calendars integration to see private and company-wide google events in Work Calendar. It is useful to create JIRA work records based on google calendars' entries. You can report your work activities in the calendar by simply dragging time boxes and also you can move or resize existing time entries. 

  • Create on Transition for JIRAThis plugin provides workflow transition post functions that can be configured to create issues or subtasks. Create can be conditioned on information from the original or parent issue. Multiple Create On Transition post functions can be used to create multiple issues. The Create post function can also be associated with the create issue transition to automatically create issues or subtasks when an issue is created.

         PDF exporter plugins:

         TFS plugins:

  •       TFS4JIRAIt is a smart two-way communication vehicle, which bridges the TFS / VisualStudio Team Services and JIRA, regardless if these services are located on your private network or in the cloud.
  •       TFS Repository: This addon allows Atlassian Bamboo to use TFS as a source repository. Now it is easier to mix both Microsoft and Atlassian solutions or plan migration. Click here for more TFS plugins.

Additional Information 

One of the popular add-on of Confluence:

  • CRM Contact List for Confluence - It is a CRM tool that allows you to keep the list of your business contacts in Confluence. Besides keeping the list of your business contacts, you can freely mention them on your Confluence pages while writing reports on business trips, meetings and so on. For the list of other CRM related add-ons.


Last modified on Dec 13, 2016

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