Migrating from one Cloud instance to another Cloud instance

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Can I migrate from one Cloud instance to another Cloud instance?




You can migrate from a Cloud to another Cloud instance.

For Jira Cloud only instances, you can export and import issues. 

For Confluence-only instances, you can create a site backup and restore data in your new Cloud instance. 

When you migrate both Jira & Confluence, you need to migrate Jira as a full site backup/import and then migrate Confluence spaces one by one.
Confluence full site restore is not available if you are migrating Jira and Confluence into a single subscription.

We recommend performing the export and import within few days rather than months. Keep in mind that when you make an export it is made of the version currently in production. If you hold on to the backup somewhere without importing for a long period of time, the current production version could be substantially different by the time you decide to perform an import and cause problems with your import.

Existing links between Confluence and Jira content will transfer with your backup and restore. However, there are a few conditions and a couple of specific open bugs. If you import your content and notice any broken links, you can file a support request so our Support Engineers can help you fix them up.

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Last modified on Jul 16, 2018

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