Assigning permissions to a page and People Directory performance is slow due to database latency

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  1. Assigning permissions to a page and browsing the People Directory is very slow.
  2. Responses for cached pages are faster.
  3. Browsing for content and other Confluence operations are fast.
  4. Page profiling logs shows several calls with long completion times similar to:

    [6586ms] - UserStatusManager.getUserStatus()


If Confluence is running slowly, one of the most likely cause is that there is some kind of bottleneck in (or around) the database.

First, check is the "Database Latency" field in the System Information tab in the admin console.

The latency is calculated by sending a trivial request to the database by querying a table which is known to have only one column and one row:

select * from CLUSTERSAFETY;

Tthis query should be blazing fast and return within 1 or 2 milliseconds. If the value displayed is consistently between 3 and 5 milliseconds, it may require attention. If the value is above 10ms, then there is definitely a need to investigate and improve this performance!

Latency is just the very first thing to look at. The latency may be zero, but Confluence is still encountering numerous database problems, e.g. if your tables are poorly indexed.


Database performance issues are outside the scope of Atlassian support, and should be addressed locally by a database administrator.




























Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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