Attachments inaccessible after importing XML backup

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After importing data using the XML backup, accessing attachments returns a file not found error.

The following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log:

2010-05-26 19:30:04,981 INFO [Importing data task] [confluence.upgrade.upgradetask.DefaultSpaceContentUpgradeTask] doUpgrade Upgrade task complete.
2010-05-26 19:30:10,600 INFO [Importing data task] [confluence.importexport.actions.ImportLongRunningTask] runInternal Finished import.
2010-05-26 19:30:10,885 ERROR [Indexer: 10] [atlassian.confluence.pages.DefaultAttachmentManager] getAttachmentData Could not find data for attachment: Attachment: yourAttachment.doc v.1 (3538959) admin - /var/opt/confluencehome/attachments/ver003/7/0/7/188/2/2938/3538959 (No such file or directory)
 -- referer: http://confluenceURL/setup/setup-restore-start.action | url: /setup/setup-restore.action | userName: anonymous | action: setup-restore

The following import-related error appears in the atlassian-confluence.log:

2010-06-02 17:36:32,133 ERROR [Importing data task]  [confluence.importexport.xmlimport.BackupImporter]  restoreDirectory Couldn't restore directory from backup! src: /var/opt/confluencehome/temp/import_06022010_172924/attachments/3312722/3539065 dest: /var/opt/confluencehome/temp/import_06022010_172924/attachments-new/3312722/3539065
– referer: http://confluenceURL/admin/backup.action | url: /admin/restore-local-file.action | userName: admin | action: restore-local-file


Confluence does not have write permission to its <confluence-home>/temp folder. It needs to unzip attachments from the old backup first before it can save them to the designated location.


  1. Make sure that Confluence has read and write access to its home directory. 
    1. On Linux instances follow the chown and chmod  in Creating a Dedicated User Account on the Operating System to Run Confluence
    2. In Windows, use the Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object functionality on the home and install directories to recursively apply read and write permissions for the user running the Confluence process
  2. Check the How to resolve missing attachments in Confluence utilities for physically lost attachments.

Last modified on Jan 28, 2021

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