Cannot Upgrade Confluence 3.5 or Later Using the Confluence 4.0.x Installer

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When upgrading Confluence using the installer, the following message appears once it goes through the Existing installation directory step:

Symptom 1

Sorry, we are unable to automatically upgrade your Confluence installation as is not version 3.5 (or later)
For more information, see our documentation at the following URL:
Finishing installation ... 

Symptom 2

The home directory cannot be a sub-directory of the installation directory. Aborting the upgrade...
Finishing installation ...


For Symptom 1

The installer identifies the current version of Confluence from <Confluence Installation>/confluence/META-INF/maven/com.atlassian.confluence/confluence-webapp/ In certain cases, the can be corrupted, misnamed, or does not exist. Hence, the installer keeps failing. There is an improvement request to make the installer to detect this better at INST-477.

For Symptom 2

The Confluence Home and other important directories cannot be a sub-directory of the Confluence Installation Directory. We recommend that you do not do such thing to prevent information from being accidentally lost during major operations (e.g. backing up and restoring instances).


For Symptom 1

Ensure there is a valid file in <Confluence Installation>/confluence/META-INF/maven/com.atlassian.confluence/confluence-webapp. The content of the file should look similar to this:

#Generated by Maven
#Tue Jul 19 21:50:41 CDT 2011

(info) This may also happen if you are using a milestone/beta/rc release. In this case, change the version to a stable version.

For Symptom 2

  1. Separate your Confluence home directory to somewhere else as described here
  2. Point confluence.home in confluence-install/confluence/WEB-INF/classes/ to the new location of Confluence home directory
  3. Restart Confluence to ensure Confluence can get up and running without any issue
  4. Rerun the upgrade wizard
















Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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