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Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant can move spaces individually from a Server to a Cloud instance. Some customers do this individually for testing purposes, or to move teams from Server to Cloud in phases. Frequently at the end of the testing phase, customers opt to do a full switch-over and migrate all their spaces/users from Server to Cloud over a weekend. This leaves the administrator wanting to lock the entire server instance for edits all at once.

The problem that arises is, that the customers want to leave their local instances online in case they (administrators and end users) need to verify particular pages have been migrated correctly. The administrators also want to give their users a softer landing for old links (a read-only page with an announcement banner telling them to go to Cloud) instead of a 404.

Fixes we currently provide




Maintenance Mode

Data Center

Puts the entire instance into a read-only state

Modify space permissions

Server, Data Center

Very time consuming depending on the number of spaces

Shut down the instance

Server, Data Center

Prevents edits while the instance is shut down. Doesn’t solve for redirecting users to Cloud or for data validation.

Workarounds that customers are currently using


What this solves

Implementation notes

Announcement banner

Redirecting users to Cloud

Admins use a variety of crude to elegant popups via custom HTML in the header *

*while the migration documents do link to this documentation, they don’t provide sample HTML/messaging to provide a better-than-crude experience

Reverse proxy redirect

Redirecting users to Cloud

Varies heavily based on the customer’s server environment. The simplest method is a 301 redirect for all URLs at the Server address to the new Cloud address. This method doesn’t get users to the specific page they were clicking a link for (since the URL schemes vary between Server and Cloud).

Reverse proxy permission lock

Preventing users from editing during migration

The administrator simply changes the proxy port for Confluence instance and puts a maintenance message on the regular Confluence proxy port. Permissions aren’t modified on the Server instance but end-users can’t access the site during migration. Very quick and simple to implement if the administrator is experienced with their reverse proxy.

Expired license permission lock

Preventing users from editing during/after migration

If users have access to a Server license that expired before the current version they’re on is released (example: they have been our customer for 3 years, are on a recent release of Confluence, and can get the license from their previous renewal on, they can apply this to the instance and it will revert to a “no-edits” state due to the license being invalid for that Server version.

Last modified on Jun 30, 2021

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