Clicking the Star to Add a Favourite Does Not Work Properly

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When clicking the star icon on the dashboard to add a favorite, the star does not change color from clear to yellow and the favorite does not get added.


When clicking the star icon on the dashboard, it does change it's color but refreshing or changing the page, the star is no longer colored.

This behaviour happens mostly with spaces that were created in older versions of Confluence and works normally in newer or spaces created on 4.* series and onward's. 



Confluence's call to addFavorites can cause problems with some proxies or if you came from older versions of Confluence, prior to 4.* series some spaces might have some missing references in the database that got lost during the application upgrade.


If you are using a Confluence prior version 3.3 then:

Upgrade to Confluence 3.3, or install the patch attached to CONF-18995 that repairs the call to use the JSON call.

Else try the following:

  1. Set up a Test Instance .
  2. Export your space as an XML.
  3. Delete the space that you are unable to favorite.
  4. Restore the Space from the XML backup made in step 2.
  5. Try to add the space to your favorites again.
  6. If everything works accordingly then do the same into your production environment.






























Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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