Clustered instance does not start with Unicast listening address (not allowed to create a new cluster)

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This article applies to Confluence clustered 5.4 or earlier.


Clustered instance is configured with Unicast via WKA (well known addresses: How to Configure a Cluster Without Multicast Traffic )

The following appears in the Console:

2013-04-12 16:37:05,685 ERROR [Logger@1492390803 3.3.1/389] [Coherence] log 2013-04-12 16:37:05.685 Oracle Coherence GE 3.3.1/389 <Error> (thread=Cluster, member=n/a): Node /fe80:0:0:0:cdae:4065:a6ca:dc4d%14:8088 is not allowed to create a
new cluster; WKA list: [/, /]
2013-04-12 16:37:05,705 ERROR [main] [atlassian.confluence.setup.ConfluenceConfigurationListener] contextInitialized An error was encountered while bootstrapping Confluence (see below):
Failed to start Service "Cluster" (ServiceState=SERVICE_STOPPED, STATE_ANNOUNCE)
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to start Service "Cluster" (ServiceState=SERVICE_STOPPED, STATE_ANNOUNCE)


Same cause as this: Configuration of Confluence Cluster Fails with 'Cannot assign requested address' :

There's a known issue with the JVM and IPv6, particularly on Linux. Refer to Data Center Troubleshooting for more information.



The workaround is to tell the JVM to prefer IPv4, by adding to JAVA_OPTS (This can be set in CONFLUENCE_INSTALL/bin/ See Configuring System Properties for specifics on how to set this property.

Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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