Confluence does not start due to 'Can't find dependent libraries' error

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Trying to start Confluence fails almost immediately with the following error in atlassian-confluence.log:

Error creating bean with name 'thumberTarget' defined in class path resource [attachmentSubsystemContext.xml]: Bean instantiation via constructor failed; nested exception is java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: <JAVA_HOME>\jdk-\jre\bin\awt.dll: Can't find dependent libraries



  • Windows server

  • AdoptOpenJDK version jdk- in use


So far, the cause of this problem is not clear nor it can be reproduced in a fresh install, this is why we don't have a Confluence bug created at the moment. However, we have seen some reports of this problem happening while trying to upgrade Confluence to newer versions and using AdoptOpenJDK 212b03.

A similar error is mentioned in the following JDK bug, but it should be resolved in newer versions:


Downgrading AdoptOpenJDK to version 202 has resolved the problem when this error happened. It can be downloaded here:

If you still face any issue, please contact Atlassian support and provide as many details on your environment as possible so we can search for the root cause.

DescriptionConfluence does not start due to 'Can't find dependent libraries' error 
Last modified on Jun 6, 2019

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