Confluence hangs when trying to add/manage users or during log in

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  • Confluence is backed by a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • When going to Confluence Admin > Users (or 'Manage Users' on some Confluence versions), attempting to add a new user causes the application to hang (loading indefinitely)
  • When logging in to Confluence, the application will hang and no longer load any pages until the browser is closed. 
  • In some variations of this problem, the 'Manage Users' link itself does not load. Other administration links will continue to work.
  • This behavior may be cleared up temporarily by a restart of Confluence, but will return after some time
  • There may not be any errors in the atlassian-confluence.log file


Your Confluence database might not be using the recommended transaction isolation level, which is 'Read-Committed with Row Versioning', which can lead to database deadlocks.


  1. Run the following on your SQL Server to determine whether you are using 'Read-Committed with Row Versioning'. Replace '<database name>' with the actual name of your Confluence database.

    SELECT sd.is_read_committed_snapshot_on
    FROM sys.databases AS sd
    WHERE sd.[name] = '<database name>';
  2. If it returns '1', your database is already using the recommended isolation level. If it returns '0', please run the following to set the transaction isolation level:

    ALTER DATABASE <database name>

    Please prepare a full database backup prior to run any query against your database.

    More information on SQL Server isolation levels can be found in the Microsoft documentation.

    There is an improvement request to address this behavior, which is being tracked here: CONF-26296 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Last modified on Feb 23, 2016

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