Connect the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to Atlassian cloud

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant needs to connect to a number of Atlassian domains to run. If a firewall or a reverse proxy is blocking any of the domains, the migration will fail. This page will outline the domains and IP address ranges that need to be whitelisted to ensure your migration runs as expected.

Keep in mind that inbound internet access to your server or Data Center instance is not required. Once any changes are applied, we recommend performing a test migration.

IP addresses and domains

Listed IP addresses are subject to change. We encourage you to monitor IP addresses and domains for Atlassian cloud products for the full list of domains that Atlassian cloud products require access to and the latest changes.

Allow the following domains for Atlassian cloud products and related services:

Domain names





Allow the following IP addresses used by the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant:



Enables us to check that the migration assistant is up to date

Enables communication with the Atlassian Migration Platform.

Enables communication with the Atlassian Migration Platform

Enables communication with the Atlassian App Migration Platform

Enables uploading of attachments

Enables uploading of migration data


Enables communication with your destination cloud site

This may also require a configuration change at your forward proxy, if one is in use. You can find additional information related to security here.

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration to cloud.


List of domains and IP addresses to allow for the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to connect to Atlassian cloud and run as expected


Last modified on Feb 14, 2021

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