How to adjust the session timeout for Confluence

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By default, users will be automatically logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity. If you would like to change this interval, you can change the timeout by editing <confluence_install>/confluence/WEB-INF/web.xml.


Find this element and adjust the value. The value is specified in minutes.


(info) After editing the web.xml file you will need to restart Confluence for your change to take effect.


The default location of the web.xml file for Tomcat is conf/web.xml, but this file is overridden by the file provided with your Confluence installation, at the location described above. If you are having trouble changing this setting, ensure that you have changed <confluence_install>/confluence/WEB-INF/web.xml and NOT <confluence_install>/conf/web.xml.

In Versions of Confluence after 4.3, the Notifications and Tasks plugin sends out a heart-beat check for new notifications every 30 seconds. This artificially extends session timeout past the value set in your web.xml. This is fixed in Confluence 5.4 with the resolution of: CONF-26796 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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