How to associate and clear duplicate personal spaces

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When a user creates a personal space, and then, as part of migration between different Confluence instances, the user's personal space from the source instance gets imported via space import method there will have duplicate personal spaces with the same title, belonging to the same author, but having different content.

Although the spaces are considered different due to their keys, having the same user as an author for two personal spaces might bring confusion, and the only way to know which space is associated with the profile is to have the user tapping the Personal space option from profile picture at the top-right.


  • Go to the space directory and search for the user's name. It should bring two or more spaces with the same name.


To avoid duplicates and allow the user to use the migrated space as the one associated with the profile, the following steps can be performed:

  1. On the personal space that was manually created, go to the space administration by tapping the Space settings tab.
  2. Under the space's administration, select the Delete space tab.
  3. Tap the Delete this space option and confirm its deletion.
  4. Once the deletion is over, ensure that the space is gone by navigating back to the space directory.
  5. After confirming it, the only remaining space should be displayed at the Personal space part of the user's profile at the top-right.

If the space that should be is the manually created one, the pages can be moved from the imported space into the existing one. After that, deleting the imported space should eliminate duplicates.

Last modified on Aug 5, 2022

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