How to check if Confluence is accessible from the internet

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


When deploying a Confluence instance on a server, the user might want to check if Confluence can be accessed from the internet. 


Confluence Server or Data Center


Confluence lacks any feature that indicates if the instance is connected to the internet, so it's necessary to review the network configuration of the Confluence server/cluster.

On the Confluence server/cluster

Confluence runs on Apache Tomcat and its settings are defined in the <confluence-install>/conf/server.xml file.

In that file, you can find the connectors set for Confluence. By default, it will use ports 8090 to access the instance and 8091 for the Synchrony process used by the Collaborative Editing feature. If using these ports, they would need to be open in the firewall of the Confluence server.

Reverse Proxy/Load Balancer

The connectivity to the internet is defined by the network configuration of your environment. The instance may be running behind a Reverse Proxy or Load Balancer, for example.

For such cases, the communication with Confluence will occur through the Reverse Proxy/Load Balancer application and the network configuration that routes traffic to that application will determine if Confluence can be accessed from the internet or only the intranet.

The documentation we have on Reverse Proxy setup:

Atlassian applications allow the use of reverse-proxies within our products, however Atlassian Support does not provide assistance for configuring them. Consequently, Atlassian can not guarantee providing any support for them.

Testing the access

To check if Confluence is accessible from the internet, try to access its Base URL from a client browser that is not connected to the same network as Confluence. If someone, using a different network, can reach the Confluence login page, then Confluence is accessible through the internet.

I case of network or connectivity issues, please refer to our documentation: Network and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide.

Last modified on May 31, 2021

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