How to disable cluster mode in Confluence Data Center

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


To set up clustering in Confluence Data Center 7.2 or later, you need to enable cluster mode. When you do this, Confluence adds a cluster.setup.ready property to the confluence.cfg.xml file, and sets this value to ‘true’. This means your instance is ready for clustering, but you haven’t yet set up and configured the cluster.

If you want to undo this action, you can manually disable cluster mode by modifying the cluster.setup.ready property, as outlined below.

This guide does not apply to Confluence Data Center sites running in a cluster.

If you’ve already set up clustering, the solution below does not apply. If you want to move back to a non-clustered installation, see Move to a non-clustered installation.


To disable cluster mode:

  1. Edit <Confluence home>/confluence.cfg.xml
  2. Find the cluster.setup.ready property.
  3. Change the property value to false:

    <property name="cluster.setup.ready">true</property>


    <property name="cluster.setup.ready">false</property>
  4. Save the file.

To confirm your site is no longer in cluster mode, go back to the Clustering screen ( > General configuration > Clustering), and refresh the page. You should see the Enable cluster mode button.

DescriptionHow to disable cluster mode in Confluence Data Center
ProductConfluence Data Center

Last modified on Jun 2, 2021

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