How to force kill Confluence and Synchrony on a Windows Server

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To force a shutdown of Confluence's process, you will need to run the netstat command to identify the PID (Process ID) of the process to be terminated.


1. Execute the following command against your command prompt.

netstat -ona | findstr ":8090"

If your instance is running on a port other than 8090, substitute 8090 for your port number.

2. This command will tell you the PID of your Confluence instance. Use this PID in the command below:

taskkill /f /pid 1404

Where 1404 is the PID identified by the netstat command.

For Confluence 6 and later

Make sure Synchrony has also stopped. Just follow the same steps for port 8091 and kill the process.

Last modified on Aug 31, 2021

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