How to Migrate Team Calendars data from Server to Cloud

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descriptionStep by step instructions for how to move your data from Team Calendars Server to Cloud.

This guide shows you how to migrate Team Calendars data from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud.

Currently the migration of Team Calendars can be done in two ways:

  1. full XML export and restore
  2. Manually exporting the calendars to .ics files and importing it into the destination Confluence.

Neither the Space export and restore or the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant supports Team Calendars data migration but there is a feature request open for this here:

The present guide will cover the manual process to migrate Team Calendars data from Server to Cloud.

How to migrate

Here are the basic steps you'll take to migrate Team Calendars data:

Step 1: Export Team Calendars to .ics files

Team Calendars allows you to quickly export calendar data so you can open it in another Team Calendars or any other calendar apps like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or any application that supports importing .ics files.

1 - On your Source Confluence Server navigate to the Calendar you need to migrate

2 - Use the 3 dots menu at the top right corner of your Calendar to select the option Export to iCalendar

3 - Save the exported .ics file to your local machine or device of your choosing

4 - Proceed to the Step 2

Step 2: Import the .ics files in your new Confluence

1 - On your Destination Confluence Cloud navigate to the Calendars section

2 - Use the + Add Calendar dropdown menu to select the option Import Calendar

2 - After selecting the .ics file you will need to name the Calendar and link it to an existing space, you can also set a description for the calendar

3 - Click Import to conclude the process

There is also an open feature request to make easier to bulk export the whole Team Calendars data at once here:

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.

Last modified on Aug 13, 2021

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