How to monitor Re-indexing progress through REST API

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


REST API might be helpful to automate some operations on Confluence. If there is a need to automate and monitor progress made on Re-indexing, this can be achieved through the suggestion below.


  • Environment variables we need be aware of prior to executing the curl command.
USER_NAME=<username> ### You must be Confluence Administrator
USER_PASSWORD=<user password>
CONFLUENCE_BASEURL=<Confluence Base URL> ### FQDN and context path without the trailing slash
  • Now run the curl command like the example below after replacing username, password and the Confluence Base URL
curl -u <username>:<password> -X GET "http://localhost:8090/json/reindextaskprogress.action" | python -mjson.tool
  • You will ideally see an output like this
    "compactElapsedTime": "12:12:17",
    "count": "3020121",
    "percentageComplete": "67",
    "total": "2051956"

Here the compactElapsedTime represents the time since the re-indexing has started. Count represents the number items to be indexed. PercentageComplete denotes the progress made so far since. the re-indexing has been kicked off. Finally, total represents the number of items those are indexed already.

Last modified on Nov 27, 2020

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