How to prevent personal spaces from being shown on the Dashboard

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To disable personal pages from being shown in the dashboard, one will need to customize the recently updated content macro by giving it a different parameter.


This solution is only available for Confluence 5.0 to Confluence 5.8.  

Here's how:

  1. Login as an admin and go to your Confluence administration console
  2. Under the "Look and Feel" menu, click on "Layouts" (or type this in your browser:
  3. Under "Site Layouts" look for "Global Layouts" and choose "Create Custom"
  4. In the layout editor, look for this line:

  5. Enter the list of space that is allowed to shows up by inserting the SpaceKey in the line:


    If you have numerous global spaces, it would be more convenient to use @global instead of listing each space separately. See RecentlyUpdatedMacro-Parameters for the list of parameters avaliable for the function.

  6. Save

Personal spaces will still show up in daily email update. If you don't want this to show in the email update, you need to make the space accessible only to selected groups or people.

Last modified on Aug 29, 2016

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