Images are not visible on the page although they are listed in the storage format

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Upon checking the page content and comparing it with the storage format, parts of the page where images should be present are empty, as if they are not included at all or are invisible.


  • The pages might have been recently migrated from Confluence Server.
  • Upon checking the storage format of the page (ellipsis tool at the top-right > Advanced detailsStorage format), the images are present where it is empty on the page. For example:

    <ac:image ac:align="left" ac:layout="align-start" ac:original-height="750" ac:original-width="1333" ac:width="0"><ri:attachment ri:filename="PICTURE.png" ri:version-at-save="1" /></ac:image>


This behavior is triggered when the images included have the "width" value set to "0", which will be displayed in the storage format while inspecting the structure of the added image. For example:


Although the specific root cause is unknown, this can generally happen if the images added (or migrated) do not have any values in the width, making Confluence Cloud automatically add a "0" value. For example, this is how the same image would look in Confluence Server:

<ac:image ac:height="250"><ri:attachment ri:filename="PICTURE.png" /></ac:image>


There are different possibilities to help in such scenarios:

  • Use the Elements tab of the browser's console (right-click where it should be located > Inspect > Elements) to find the image and manually change the width, which will allow it to be clicked and have the parameters adjusted.
  • Use the API to update content and manually update the width using the Storage value.
  • Contact Atlassian Support to change the width from the backend.
Last modified on Nov 22, 2022

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