LDAP Users Unable to Access Their User Profile Functionality

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This article applies to Confluence 3.4 and below. If you are experiencing this issue in 3.5 or above, please raise a Support ticket.


After a change in the LDAP user names (eg. lower case or upper case change) in the LDAP server, LDAP users can see their user profile in Confluence but the associated functionality is inaccessible. For example, Network, Label, Drafts and Create personal space are inaccessible to the LDAP users because they are not visible.

Not all LDAP users are necessarily affected.


A mismatch of user name casings is known to can cause this.

For example: initially an LDAP user name was created as 'Alyson'. Sometime after the user has logged in, the LDAP admin changed his user name to 'alyson'. Since user names are case sensitive in Confluence, the lower cased version is treated as a different user.


The easiest way is to revert the user name to what it was initially in the LDAP server.

If reverting the username is not appropriate,

  1. Rename the user names in Confluence database. Run the following queries:

    update content
    set username='User'
    where username='user';
    update external_entities
    set name = 'User'
    where name = 'user';
    update os_propertyentry
    set entity_name = 'EXT_User'
    where entity_name = 'EXT_user';
  2. Confirm if they are fixed:

    select * from content where username = 'User';
    select * from external_entities where name = 'User';
    select * from os_propertyentry where entity_name = 'User';
Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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