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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Users can't open a specific page. When they reach this page, the "(info) Page Not Found" message is displayed. 

The "Page Not Found" page suggests the user the original page ( with the same title ) as a link under the "In This Space" section with a "The page you were looking for may have been renamed to the following:" message.

When the user followed the suggested link, the same "Page Not Found" page is displayed.


  • Database: Postgres (installed on Linux OS)
    • Debian 10 
    • Ubuntu 18.10 (cosmic) and newer
    • RHEL 8


If you upgraded your database OS from an older version to versions mentioned in the Environment section or you upgraded the  glibc  package to 2.28 (or newer) package, you might be affected by this issue. 


GNU libc 2.28 has introduced new features and one of them is related to its Unicode locale data. This update affects all Postgres database versions that are using language and region-sensitive collations. After this upgrade, certain strings might sort differently.

From the GNU libc 2.28   announcement:

The localization data for ISO 14651 is updated to match the 2016 Edition 4 release of the standard, this matches data provided by Unicode 9.0.0. This update introduces significant improvements to the collation of Unicode characters. […] With the update many locales have been updated to take advantage of the new collation information. The new collation information has increased the size of the compiled locale archive or binary locales.

More information about this topic can be found on the following links:


Reindexing the Confluence database will solve the problem.

  • Shutdown Confluence (on all nodes if Data Center)
  • Reindex Confluence database with the below command:

    reindex database confluencedb;

    (info) Change the database name ( confluencedb ) according to your Confluence database name.

  • Start Confluence

Last modified on Oct 12, 2021

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