'Multicast address does not correspond with cluster name' during Cluster Configuration

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This article applies to Confluence clustered 5.4 or earlier.


The following error appears in the Cluster Configuration screen:

Multicast address does not correspond with cluster name. Adding new cluster nodes may fail.


By default, Confluence uses cluster name to generate a random multicast address. In this case, the multicast address and the cluster name are not synchronised.


Verify that the multicast address is synchronised with the cluster name:

  1. If applicable, stop all cluster nodes except for primary node
  2. In primary node, browse tohttp://path-to-confluence/admin/cluster/hashclustername.jsp

  3. Enter the previously assigned cluster name e.g. atlassian_cluster
  4. Press Generate
  5. Compare the generated multicast address with the value inside the primary node's <confluence-home>/confluence.cfg.xml. They should look like this:

    <property name="confluence.cluster.address"></property>
    <property name="confluence.cluster.name">atlassian_cluster</property>
  6. If the details do not match, shutdown the node and edit the <confluence-home>/confluence.cfg.xml to reflect the generated values
  7. If applicable, apply the same changes in other cluster nodes

See CONF-10977 for more information.

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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