Recently Updated Macro does not display more than 200 Entries

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The Recently Updated macro does not show more than 200 records.


Since Confluence 3.x, this maximum value has a hard coded limit of 200 results, for performance reasons. There is an improvement request to let admins change this value at  CONF-19096 - Getting issue details... STATUS


The workaround to this issue involves a source code modification:

  1. Check the version you need relative to your version of Confluence. Find the confluence-advanced-macros JAR file in the <confluence-home>/bundled-plugins directory.
  2. The file can be checked out from the subversion repository.
  3. To checkout the code to make the modification, (assumes you have svn installed) run:

    svn co
  4. Once you've checked out the code, the file to modify is /src/main/java/com/atlassian/confluence/plugins/macros/advanced/recentupdate/pagination/
    Then edit the value in this line, as per your requirement:

    int MAX_PAGE_SIZE = 200;
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    Refer to Setting up your Plugin Development Environment guidelines to help you install maven and re-package the jar after editing.

  5. Then package the jar with "mvn package" command. Example:

    cd confluence-advanced-macros-1.6.8
    mvn package

    This will create the confluence-advanced-macros-1.6.8.jar file in your confluence-advanced-macros-1.6.8/target directory.

  6. Remove your <Confluence-Home-Directory>/bundled-plugins folder
  7. Unzip <Confluence-Installation-Directory>/confluence/web-inf/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/
  8. Copy the edited jar into the extracted folder, overwriting the previous jar from the archive.
  9. Rezip the folder.
  10. Restart the application.

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    Please note that the above customization will need to be reapplied with every upgrade of this plugin or Confluence (if bundled with a more recent plugin version).

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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