Removing the Subject Prefix in Confluence Emails

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This is an untested database modification. While it probably won't cause any problems, it is very important to back up your database before attempting this. Please also be aware that if problems do occur with mail afterwards, you may need to roll back this change.

  1. Confirm that your SMTP server details that you want to change are fully correct (except for the Subject Prefix).
  2. Shutdown Confluence.
  3. Back up your database
  4. Find the bandanaid of the SMTP server that you'd like to change:

    select * from bandana where bandanakey like '%atlassian.confluence.smtp.mail.accounts%'

    You can check the value stored in the bandanavalue column to confirm that this is the SMTP server you are looking to change if you have multiple set up for your instance.

  5. Edit the value of the <prefix> tag that is stored in the bandanavalue column to whatever you like.
  6. update the database with this change:

    update bandana set bandanavalue = 'MY_COPY_PASTED_ENTRY' where bandanaid = BANDANA_ID_VALUE_FOUND_IN_SELECT
  7. Restart Confluence and send a test email to confirm that the change has taken effect.

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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