Security Configuration Cannot be Updated

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NOTE: This affects versions 3.4.x of Confluence and is not present in later versions


When an admin tries to change the security configuration, they are returned to the edit screen, and are given no feedback.


  1. Affects Confluence 3.4.x
  2. There are several ways to configure Confluence so that web-sudo (password-confirmation for admin options) is not available at all. See CONF-20958. In 3.4 (maybe 3.3 too) setting any of these options prevents saving the security configuration.


There is a bug in the security config validation where it checks for valid values of the websudo options, even though none are submitted from the form and none are used.


Confluence settings are stored within the database and can be found with the following SQL query:

select * from bandana where bandanakey='atlassian.confluence.settings';

This may be used to manually update settings.


Always backup your data before performing any modifications to the database.

This is a known bug and has been fixed as of Confluence 3.4.8

Bug Report can be found here:

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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