The number of spaces in the space directory does not match the space permissions list

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Upon comparing the list of spaces under the Space permissions menu under Confluence's administration and the space directory, the number is different. There are more spaces under the Space permissions list. This comparison can be done with the following steps:

Checking the Space Permissions option

  1. As an administrator of Confluence, tap the gear icon at the top-right
  2. While on the administration, tap Space Permissions on the sidebar.
  3. Check the list of spaces.

Checking the Space directory

  1. On the top navigation bar, tap Spaces
  2. On the drop-down menu, select View all space

Alternatively, tap the View all button for the spaces list on Confluence's home page.


  • Under the Space permissions option, check if the spaces that are not visible have the Recover permission button on their right side. This would indicate that the space is restricted.
  • Check the status of the space to confirm if this is not an archived space.


There are different reasons for seeing more spaces in the Space permissions:

  • This option lists spaces where the user does not have permission to view. These spaces can be identified when they have the Recover space permissions button, like the example below:
  • The spaces are under the Archived status. Archived spaces will not be displayed in the space directory.
  • There could be having an indexing issue.

(info) Another difference is that the space directory lists personal spaces, not included in the Space permissions option.


For each of the cases, different solutions can be followed:

Last modified on Jan 12, 2022

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