Unable to Delete Large Space Due to 'Too many open files' Error

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Attempt to delete a large space produced a "Too many open files" error in the log file.


If the "Too many open files" error is produced, the OS doesn't have enough open file handles to deal with the amount of files that Confluence needs to have open concurrently when deleting a space.


  1. On Linux, you can set ulimit -n 10000 for the user Confluence is running as and have it set in its environment.
  2. Increasing total file descriptors in your OS (either per process file descriptors or system wide's can work). Depending on your operating system the way to increase the file descriptors can vary. Please consult your chosen OS's documentation for detailed instruction.
    (info) After increasing the file handle, you may discover Confluence hangs while trying to delete the space. This means you need to increase the number of database pool connection. You can get the information on how to do this from here.

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Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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