Unable to Log in Due to Deactivated Users

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A user that has been deactivated in the past cannot be brought back to life. Even if assigned to the right groups with confluence access.

Note that this applies only to the older mechanism for user deactivation. In newer versions of Confluence, users are removed by removing them from groups with can-use permission, as described in Removing or Deactivating a User.


In older versions of Confluence, users were 'deactivated'. This action inserted a row into table os_propertyentry with entity_id = theUserId AND entity_key=confluence.user.deactivated. This entry is still evaluated but there is no mechanism in newer version to remove this from the database.


  1. Backup Confluence
  2. Stop Confluence
  3. Find the user id (=theUserId) of the particular user in table users
  4. Run the following SQL query to identify the row that contains the 'deactivated' information. The entity_name column should have an entry like 'LOC_username':

    select * from OS_PROPERTYENTRY WHERE entity_id = theUserId AND entity_key="confluence.user.deactivated";
  5. Delete this row from the table
  6. Restart Confluence.




























Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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