Unable to Receive Email Notifications From Confluence

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  1. Email updates are not sent from Confluence


  1. No error message is logged in Confluence
  2. In addition, test send email failed to your company domain. However test send email works to other domains, eg. gmail, hotmail, other than your company domain.


Some mail servers may be configured to attempt verification of the sender address before accepting. Mail logs look like:

Jan 26 20:16:46 8291bef994055f31ab2945185c533548 postfix/smtp[23126]: E1CD7A62AA: to=<yourUserName@yourCorporateDomain.com>, relay=mail.yourCorporateDomain.com[<IP Address>]:25, delay=7966, delays=7964/0.01/0.73/0.96, dsn=4.1.7, status=deferred (host mail.yourCorporateDomain.com[<IP address>] said: 450 4.1.7 <yourUserName@yourCorporateDomain.com>: Sender address rejected: unverified address: connect to yourCorporateDomain [<IP Address>]: Connection timed out (in reply to RCPT TO command))


Whitelist the email address used by Confluence so that it trusts messages from that address rather than attempting to verify its validity.

Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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