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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.



When viewing a Confluence page with a Google documented embedded, the macro doesn't load, and displays below error:

(lightbulb) It's possible that under the page icon, this message is displayed: accounts.google.com refused to connect



  1. Access a page with a Google document embedded.
  2. Check if the macro will load properly.


There can be some different causes for this behavior. This can be related with a browser issue (cached information, an installed extension, etc), or it can also be related with the integration between the Google account and the Confluence account. 


First, let's try to isolate the problem by performing some browser troubleshooting steps:

Try accessing the page on Incognito Mode

The incognito/private mode won't load cached information, which can cause issues. Besides, generally installed extensions are not loaded on this mode too:

To open an Incognito window on Google Chrome, go to File > New Incognito Window, or:
Mac: Open Google Chrome and then press command + shift + N.
Windows: Open Google Chrome, and then press ctrl + shift+ N.

To open an Incognito window on Firefox, go to File > New Private Window, or:
Mac: Open Firefox and then press command + sift + P.
Windows: Open Firefox and then press ctrl + shift + P.

(lightbulb) Another valid test would be trying with a different browser.

In case the issue is also happening on the Incognito mode/different browser, please proceed.

Recreating the authorisation between Google and Confluence accounts

The fist time you access a Google document on a Confluence page, you're prompted to approve the integration. Re-authorising the integration is also a valid test. To do so:

  1. Access https://myaccount.google.com/permissions?gar=1
  2. Log into your Google account that is being used on Confluence to load the document.
  3. You'll find a list of apps with access to your account. In there, you should find Google Drive for Confluence. Click on it.
  4. Click on REMOVE ACCESS.
  5. Then, open a new tab on the browser, and access a Confluence page with a Google file.
  6. You should face the Switch accounts button. Click on it.
  7. Authenticate to your Google account.
  8. Approve the integration access.
  9. Refresh the page on Confluence side.

If you are still facing this behavior after re-creating the integration, please, reach out to your Atlassian Site Administrator so they can raise a Support Ticket at https://support.atlassian.com.

Last modified on Feb 12, 2021

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