Crowd 2.11.0 Release Notes

12 January 2017

Thank you for your feedback:

(green star) 80 votes satisfied

(green star) 17 feature and improvement requests fulfilled

Highlights of this release:


Improved license counting

We've improved license counting so that duplicated usernames no longer consume more than one license. 

  See an example...

This table shows some examples of the changes in the Crowd 2.11 license system. Generally, a consumed license is a unique username which can authenticate against one or more applications in Crowd.

Configuration Crowd version < 2.11 license count Crowd version >= 2.11 license count
  • Application1
    • directory1
      • user1 inactive
    • directory2
      • user1 active

License count: 1, but user1 cannot authenticate, because was seen inactive in directory1.

  • Application1
    • directory1
      • user1 active
    • directory2
      • user1 active

2, but in fact only user1 from directory1 is able to authenticate against application1.

  • Application1
    • directory1
      • user1 active
  • Application2
    • directory2
      • user1 active
2 1
  • Application1
    • directory1 with authorised groups
      • user1 active but not in any of authorised groups
    • directory2 with authorised groups
      • user1 active and present in one or more authorised groups

1, but in fact user1 is unable to authenticate at all, because user1 from directory1 is not present in any of authorised groups.

  • Application1
    • directory1
      • Bob
      • Jane
      • Steve, inactive
      • Martin, inactive
    • directory2
      • Bob
      • John
      • Steve
  • Application2
    • directory3
      • Bob
      • Clare
      • Martin
    • directory4
      • Bob
      • John
  • Application3
    • directory5
      • Bob
      • Mike
    • directory6
      • Bob
      • Clare

License count: 14, this is caused by the previous method taking into account not only the username, but also the directory where the username comes from. The count is thus:

Dir1 - Bob, Jane 
Dir2 - Bob, John, Steve 
Dir3 - Bob, Clare, Martin 
Dir4 - Bob, John 
Dir5 - Bob, Mike 
Dir6 - Bob Clare


Dir1 - Bob, Jane 
Dir2 - John
Dir3 - Clare, Martin 
Dir4 - none new
Dir5 - Mike 
Dir6 - none new

Get support easily with the Support Tools Plugin

With Crowd 2.11 you can easily check your logs for common errors and use our support resources directly from Crowd, using the new Support Tools functionality.

Performance improvements

We've improved LDAP user search speed, which provides a better experience during searches and synchronisation.

Example of average initial synchronisation durations of 10,000 user base for Crowd 2.9.1, 2.10.1 and 2.11.0.

Support for newer databases versions

We've added support for MySQL 5.6 and 5.7, Postgres 9.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014. For a full list of supported platforms, you can check out our supported platforms page.

Complete list of improvements and fixes

P T Key Summary
Medium Bug CWD-4484 spring-ldap:2.x causes slow search queries
Low Bug CWD-3826 Delegated Authentication directories do not track last authenticated time
Low Task CWD-4446 Official support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Medium New Feature CWD-4429 Provide Support Zip tool on Crowd
High New Feature CWD-4794 Postgres 9.5 support for Crowd
Medium Bug CWD-4190 Synchronization to AD directory fails intermittently or is taking a much longer time to finish after upgrading to Crowd 2.8
Medium Bug CWD-4163 Plugin upgrade tasks not running after Atlassian Plugins upgrade
Low Improvement CWD-1779 Users can be duplicated in license counts if Crowd is setup with multiple links to the same external (LDAP) directory.
Medium Improvement CWD-4569 Upgrade task that generates externalIds (623) takes a long time to execute
Low New Feature CWD-4617 Add PostgreSQL 9.4 to the lists of Crowd supported databases
Medium Bug CWD-4820 Own freemarker templates won't render in 2.10.1
Medium Improvement CWD-4735 Crowd license count same user in different directory as only 1 user license.
Low Improvement CWD-4845 Support MySQL 5.6
Low New Feature CWD-4801 Provide a feature for Crowd to always re-evaluate group memberships in Active Directory with Incremental Sync
High Bug CWD-4796 Crowd HTTP client ignores SSL system properties
High Bug CWD-4795 Update application-links to fix APL-1327
Medium Improvement CWD-3076 Don't count same user in multiple directories multiple times
Medium New Feature CWD-4798 Support for Mysql 5.7
Medium Improvement CWD-4310 Disable "Follow Referrals" in the AD Connector by default
Medium New Feature CWD-4823 User updated timestamp should also be updated when user attributes are updated
Low Bug CWD-4378 Stacktrace in the logs when requesting a password reset if the mail server hasn't been set up yet
Low Improvement CWD-4376 In the Atlassian Importer screen, some fields should be marked as required
Low Improvement CWD-4375 In the CSV import screen, the 'User file' field should be marked as required
Low Bug CWD-4576 Invalid requests to /appmanagement cause NPE and HTTP error 500
Low Task CWD-4846 Check Crowd WARs for duplicate JARs during the build
Low Fug CWD-4809 Remove trusted applications support
Low Bug CWD-4773 User list shows next button in the wrong place
Low Task CWD-4657 Rename Stash to Bitbucket to match product's rebrand
Low Bug CWD-4672 Logs indicate that an incremental sync is attempted even when it's disabled
Low Improvement CWD-4787 Provide more tunable logging settings in the Crowd console
Low Improvement CWD-4372 Lack of submission feedback in some administrative screens
Low Improvement CWD-4597 As a client of the REST API, I want the response of POST /group to contain the group entity

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