Configuring the CSV Importer

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Once you have started the CSV Importer, the 'Configuration' screen allows you to specify information about the Crowd directory and CSV file(s) involved in the import.

Refer to information on preparing your CSV files.

To configure the CSV importer

The CSV files to import (the one that are entered in the 'User File' and 'Group Membership File' fields must be in a path readable by the Crowd server performing the import.

  1. Start the CSV Importer.
  2. This will display the 'Configuration' screen. Complete the fields as follows:
    • 'Directory' — Select the Crowd user directory into which you want to import the users.
    • 'Are your passwords encrypted?' — Select 'Yes' if the passwords in your CSV file are already encrypted. Crowd will not re-encrypt the passwords during the import. Select 'No' if the passwords in your CSV file are not encrypted. Crowd will encrypt the passwords during the import, using the encryption method of the Crowd directory you are importing into.
    • 'Delimiter' — Type the single-character delimiter used to separate the fields in your CSV file(s).
    • 'User File' — Type the location of the CSV file containing the users you wish to import.
    • 'Group Membership File' — If you want to import groups and group memberships of your users, type the location of the CSV file containing the group membership information.
  3. Click the 'Continue' button to map the CSV fields to the Crowd directory fields.

Screenshot: 'CSV Importer - Configuration'



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Last modified on Oct 15, 2020

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