Changing the User Display Name Attribute to Concatenate the Default givenname and sn in LDAP

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Take a look at this user example:

Naturally, you will need the Display Name to show "John Doe", instead of "John", or "Doe". This is on paper, not possible, since the User Display Name Attribute field in the Directory's configuration in Crowd only takes a maximum of 1 attribute. (Hence we can't specify it as "givenname sn").


Login to Crowd console, then navigate to Directories >> View (your LDAP Directory) >> Configuration tab , and look for the User Display Name Attribute:

Modify it to a dummy value, such as the one shown above. Crowd would fall back and set user's Display Name to the default (User First Name Attribute) + (User Last Name Attribute). From the case above, the Display Name should fall to (givenName) + (sn).

After that, save the configuration, and sync the directory again.

Last modified on Mar 10, 2016

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