Redirected to the login screen with no errors when attempting to log in to any Atlassian applications

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  1. Users keep getting redirected to the Login screen while attempting to login to any Atlassian applications (Confluence, JIRA, Crowd, etc)
  2. No errors thrown in the application's logs or Crowd's logs, or in the UI. In fact, based on the logs, authentication should be successful
  3. SSO is enabled in the connected apps


  1. The number 1 cause for this is browser caches. Clear all browser caches and cookies and try again.
  2. If step 1 doesn't resolve the issue, try to disable SSO in the external applications and see if they are able to login
  3. Try to reset the SSO domain via: Resetting the Domain Cookie Value , and make sure that your applications sit in their individual context paths, with the following domain examples:

    If step 2 resolves the issue, but steps 1 and 3 doesn't, proceed with the Resolution


Inconsistencies between in each applications' WEB-INF/classes vs the in the Crowd Home Directory.


  • Compare the in each applications' WEB-INF/classes vs the in the Crowd Home Directory


    Confluence ( confluence/WEB-INF/classes ) :                        c42
    application.password                    admin
    application.login.url                   http://localhost:8240/crowd/console/
    crowd.server.url                        http://localhost:8240/crowd/services/
    crowd.base.url                          http://localhost:8240/crowd/
    session.isauthenticated                 session.isauthenticated
    session.tokenkey                        session.tokenkey
    session.validationinterval              2
    session.lastvalidation                  session.lastvalidation

    Crowd Home Directory:

  • Make sure that the session.tokenkey, session.isauthenticated, session.lastvalidation, and crowd.base.url is identical, and that there are no additional attributes such as cookie.tokenkey that is not present in the applications.
  • For the example above, notice that there is an extra cookie.tokenkey=studio.crowd.tokenkey which is not present in Confluence's
  • Removing the cookie.tokenkey line tend to resolve the issue completely
  • Restart JIRA and Crowd after making changes

Last modified on Jan 23, 2018

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