Unable to Import User or Group CSV Containing Non-ASCII Characters

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When importing a csv containing non-ascii characters, the sample row will be blank, or the import may fail. 

These errors may be present in the log:

ERROR [crowd.importer.config.CsvConfiguration] (startline 1)eof reached before encapsulated token finished
java.io.IOException: (startline 1)eof reached before encapsulated token finished


Crowd is being started as a service, and is not picking up the UTF8 encoding setting, as per this bug. Default system encoding is therefore being used, and causing the import to fail.


1) Stop Crowd
2) On the Crowd server, open a command prompt in the <CROWD-INSTALL>/apache-tomcat/bin/ directory
3) Execute this command - tomcat6 //US//Crowd ++JvmOptions="-Dfile.encoding=UTF8" where 'Crowd' is the name of your Crowd service.
4) Restart Crowd
5) Try the import again

Last modified on Feb 21, 2012

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