Users Can't Login Due to Expired Passwords

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Users are unable to log into the Crowd Application (JIRA, Confluence and etc.) because the passwords have expired. The following error is logged in Crowd logs:

2010-05-20 09:06:31,119 http-8095-13 INFO [] Steve.Smith: Attempting to log in with expired passsword.


When Configuring an Internal Directory, the admin can specify Maximum Unchanged Password Days property.

This value governs the number of days, until the password must be changed. If not, the user will be denied access to client application.

Prior to Crowd 2.0.4, the password expiration policy was not enforced for Crowd applications (see this bug report)
This mean users with expired passwords could still log into Crowd application(s).


There are 2 solutions:

  1. Set the Days until password expiry value to 0, this means the user password will never expire.
  2. Users can always reset their passwords, via the Crowd console.




























Last modified on Jul 28, 2015

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