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The new Atlassian Answers is ready for a test drive!

A public sandbox of the new Answers is now available at (log in with your Atlassian account). We would love your feedback on what you like and dislike about the new system.

If you have any feedback, click the blue Give Feedback button at the top of the page:

Feedback Schedule

Our sandbox server will be available for feedback until the end of August 2014, at which point the server will be taken down and the live Atlassian Answers site will be cut-over to the new Confluence Questions system.

Known Issues

In order to allow the sandbox server to run side-by-side with the current Atlassian Answers site, we've made a few configuration changes that will mean the usage experience is slightly different. There are also a couple of bugs on the sandbox server that we are actively working on fixing.  The major ones are detailed below.

  • Some recent content is missing. The sandbox server was set up with a backup of the live Atlassian Answers site from Friday 1st August 2014, so any content that is newer on Answers will not be present in the sandbox.
  • Anonymous access is temporarily disabled. We have disabled anonymous access during this feedback period in order to avoid confusing search engine crawlers.
  • Email notifications are temporarily disabled. We've disabled email sending so that users who are not participating in providing feedback do not receive unsolicited email from the sandbox server. This means that choosing to 'Watch' a question will have no effect.
  • Swag Rewards are temporarily disabled. We have switched off the ability to redeem the Answers t-shirt, backpack and jacket during this feedback period.  It will  be re-enabled for the final launch.
  • User avatars are missing. The user avatars on the sandbox server will not be synchronized with Atlassian account until the user logs into the system for the first time. We are actively working to resolve this issue with the Atlassian account team. CQ-1136 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Bounties can not be offered or awarded. We have not yet implemented the ability to award bounties in Confluence Questions, which is a feature that already exists in the current version of Answers. In order to meet our timeline for migrating to Confluence Questions, the implementation of bounties will be delayed until after the migration is complete. CQ-791 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • My karma/reputation is much lower in Confluence Questions. We have not yet finalized the migration step which will equalize every user's karma/reputation in the new system, but this will be done before the launch. See Why were some users awarded a large reputation bounty during the migration to confluence questions? for more information.

Other Issues

Key Summary Status Resolution


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