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Ranking an issue alters its relative priority within its current column and swimlane. Ranking your issues helps you to organise tasks in your product/sprint backlog more effectively.

Rankings allow you to prioritise issues at a more granular level than issue priorities in JIRA, as rankings can help you to determine whether a single issue is more important/urgent than another single issue. For example, you may have two separate issues which both have a priority of 'Major'. Using JIRA Agile ranking, you can assign one of the issues a higher ranking than the other.

(info) Plan mode is only available for Scrum boards.

To rank an issue in Plan mode:

  1. Click Plan to go to Plan mode.
  2. Rank an issue by dragging and dropping it to a higher or lower position in the backlog (see Screenshot 1 below);
    Send multiple issues to the top or bottom of the backlog by selecting them (Shift>Click or Ctrl>Click) and right-clicking (see Screenshot 2 below).

To rank an issue in Work mode:

  1. Click Work to go to Work mode.
  2. Rank an issue by dragging and dropping it to a higher or lower position within its current column (see Screenshot 3 below).
    (info) If an issue has sub-tasks that are in the same column and swimlane as itself, the sub-tasks will be shown in a group below the issue.
    • When you rank an issue that has sub-tasks, all of the sub-tasks that are currently grouped with that issue will be automatically moved with it.
    • Sub-task issues can only be ranked in relation to their 'sibling' issues.

On this page:

Tips and notes:

(tick) You can also use Keyboard Shortcuts 's' + 'b' to move an issue to the bottom of its current column, or 's' + 't' to move it to the top.

(info) Please note:

  • You can only rank issues if ranking has been enabled — see Enabling Ranking.
  • You can only rank issues if you have the 'Schedule Issue' permission for the issue you want to move higher or lower on your board.


Screenshot 1: Dragging and Dropping an Issue in the Backlog (in Plan mode)

Screenshot 2: Right-clicking select Issues to send them to the Top/Bottom of the Backlog (in Plan mode)

Screenshot 3: Dragging and Dropping an Issue within a Column (in Work mode)


  1. Can you search by ranking? For example: I want to find all issues in x project that are ranked higher than TIC-1234.

  2. How can I change the issues' ranking within an Epic? Currently using the action button in the header Issues in Epic I can select Rank to Top or Rank to Bottom, but more precise ranking is not possible.

    1. If you change the rank of the issues on the board (Plan mode), the order of the issues will be reflected in the 'Issues in Epic' section in your epic. 

      Kind regards,