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Plan mode is where you plan your sprints. When a sprint is ready to begin, click Start Sprint to move it into Work mode.

(info) Plan mode is only available for Scrum boards.

To access a board in Plan mode:

  1. Log in to JIRA.
  2. Click the Agile link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar, then select your preferred board from the resulting dropdown menu.

  3. Your board will be displayed. Click Plan.

Screenshot: a Scrum board in 'Plan' mode (click to enlarge)

In Plan mode you can:

  • Prioritise the Backlog — Create issues for your backlog, rank and estimate them, and drag-and-drop to add them to a sprint.
    (info) Right-click selected issues to add them to a sprint, send them to the top/bottom of the backlog, export them to Excel, view them in the JIRA Issue Navigator, or perform  Bulk Operations.
  • Estimate Stories — You can use the 'J' and 'K' keys to move through issues in the backlog and get details on the right-hand side of the screen. Plug in your estimates or story points as you go.
    (info) Note that, by default, the Story Points field is only available to issues of type 'Story' or 'Epic' — you can change this as described in JIRA Agile - JIRA Configuration.
  • Create Sub-Tasks — To break a story (issue) down into implementable chunks, go to the sub-task section (click the sub-tasks icon) to view and create sub-tasks.
  • Organise via Epics — Group related stories into an epic. Click EPICS to view the Epics panel, where you can create epics, drag-and-drop issues into epics, and filter by epics.
  • Plan Versions — Assign issues to upcoming versions. Click VERSIONS to view the Versions panel, where you can create and edit versions, assign issues to versions via drag-and-drop, and filter by versions.
  • Plan, and Plan Again — When you're happy with the stories for the iteration, start a sprint and the stories will move into Work mode. While a sprint is active in Work mode, you can still plan subsequent iterations in Plan mode (click Add Sprint), but you won't be able to start them until the active iteration is completed. (You can, however, drag and drop an issue in Plan mode onto the active sprint.) Note that you can only start (or complete) a sprint if you have 'Administer Projects' permission for all projects that match the board's filter.

An issue will only be visible in Plan mode if:

  • the issue is not a Sub-Task;
  • the issue's status maps to one of the board's columns (but not the 'Done' column);and
  • there is at least a status being mapped to the right most column. Eg. If you have the columns To Do, In Progress, and Done, ensure that you have a status mapped to In Progress at least. If you map all the statuses to the first column (To Do), you will not be able to see any issues in the Backlog.

Screenshot: right-clicking an issue in 'Plan' mode

On this page:

Using Quick Filters

A Quick Filter refines the collection of issues displayed on your board. Quick Filters appear immediately below the board name in Work mode and Plan mode. Click a Quick Filter to apply it (click it again to turn it off). 

By default your board includes two Quick Filters:

  • Only My Issues — Only displays issues which are assigned to you.
  • Recently Updated — Only displays issues which were updated in the last 24 hours.

(info) If any custom Quick Filters have been configured for your board, they will appear next to Only My Issues and Recently Updated.


  1. What fields are shown in the plan mode? Issue Type, Priority, Issue Key, Summary, FixVersion(s), Epic(s), Estimate (Story Points, Original Estimate etc. depending on configuration)? You should add this info to this wiki page resp. annotate the screenshot above.

  2. From

    The board uses pretty simple criteria to decide what gets displayed. First it selects all issues that match then filter then:

    • If the issue is not in a status that is mapped to a column in work mode, the issue is excluded
    • If the issue has a sprint field that contains a sprint that is active, the issue is shown on work mode
    • If the issue is in a status that is mapped to the last column of the board (i.e. the definition of done), it is not shown on plan mode

    Resolved issues will definitely display in plan mode if you removed the resolved status from the last column.


  3. Hello What if I want to show more field in the plan mode, how could I add them.

  4. hello, is there a way to show Estimated time including sub-tasks in the Plan Mode? the sub-tasks affect Remaining time only.

  5. We'd very much like to be able to add columns to the greenhopper planning view  - in my case due date field visibility would help a ton with planning. I'd also like to 2nd the remarks above - it'd be nice to see sub-tasks in the plan view as well. Not sure if it's possible to have subtasks span sprints, but at least seeing the subtasks would be helpful. Any word on development? This thread looks a little cold.

  6. As already mentioned I'd really like to customize the colums in Plan view.  In my case I'd like to show the "labels" i have added to issues.  But this is just one example of customized fields on Plan view.

  7. I too would be very interested in adding/customizing columns in plan view.  Please update with a possible solution.

  8. I am also interested in adding/customizing columns in plan view.

  9. Me, too for customizing this list/plan view. It's critical for our business!

  10. Plus one vote from me for the request "customize columns in plan view"

  11. I also need this function! It would be nice if this could be implemented promptly, otherwise the work is held up.

  12. Atlassian: please respond to this issue. A number of people have weighed in with their support. Are you going to support customized field list for Plan view?  If so when?

    Users:  If you are reading this then please add a posting to indicate your support for this issue.

  13. I think there is already an issue for that: GHS-3922

  14. Hi all,

    Thanks for your comments. Can I ask you to provide feedback regarding this product feature via our issue tracker? As Nihal has mentioned, there is already a ticket that you can vote on and watch:  GHS-3922 - As a user, I would like to configure the cards displayed in the rapid board Open

    Kind regards,