JIRA Agile 6.6.70 changes the terms "Plan mode", "Work mode", and "Report mode" to "Backlog", "Active sprints"/"Kanban board", "Reports" respectively. For more information, see the JIRA Agile 6.6.70 release notes.

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(info) Note that this page only applies if you are using the Classic Boards (which are no longer being actively developed; read more).

To view the Time-Tracking Analysis for your hour burndown chart,

  1. View the hour burndown chart (as described in Viewing the Hour Burndown Chart).
  2. Click the Time-Tracking Analysis button to display a detailed data table for the displayed chart.

(tick) You will need to have the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission in the given project, or the Time-Tracking Analysis button will not appear.


Screenshot: Time-Tracking Analysis


  1. hello there,

    how will this overview be accessible after the classic board was removed?


    1. Hi Tobias, 

      There isn't really an equivalent for this in the new boards. The tables below the burndown chartare probably the closest representation. Please feel free to raise feedback via this feedback form.

      Kind regards,